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I am one of John Vance’s new neighbors.  My wife Barbara and I are retirees and live next door to the Vance’s at 60 S Southampton.  Barbara worked at OSU for 30 years, and retired from OSU College of Life Sciences where she worked as staff support.  I retired 5 years ago from the City of Upper Arlington where I was a firefighter and paramedic for 30 years.  We have been married for 14 years  and moved into the neighborhood about a month ago from the Short North, where we spent the last 16 years renovating an 1892 brick Victorian.  We had 5 teenagers between us when we moved there.  The last 5 years we had an empty house so used the third floor as a successful Short North Airbnb space.  So glad to be living in such a peaceful area now, and hope our daytime presence will help prevent opportunistic criminal activity in the neighborhood.