A note from one of our regular walkers regarding gates.

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      Cassy Wadsworth
      11 hrs
      Safety tips from your friendly neighborhood alley patroller:

      Please check your gates and close them if open. Same with shed doors. In my drivings around tonight, I saw many open – on par with summer activity. Because it’s winter, people aren’t exactly hanging out or working in their yards, and criminals know these areas are often forgotten in the cold months.

      These open gates are inviting to criminals to use as entrances/exits. They don’t even have to worry about making noise, because they’re already open. It also tells criminals that the people who live there aren’t paying attention. They like that.

      Lastly, those of us who patrol keep track of these open gates/doors. If they’re always open, we can’t tell if something has recently happened. If we know that gate was closed earlier in the evening and now it’s wide open, that tells us that someone is actively out and about and we adjust our paths and vigilance accordingly.

      Thank you for listening to my TED Talk.

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