Blockwatch Election: Voting Ends at 2PM June 29, 2019 at 11:24 am

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      Though Blockwatch and Westgate Watch are and will remain two separate organizations each focused on reducing community crime through different means, the election for Blockwatch Coordinator is crucial to our ability to cooperate and collaborate toward a common goal.

      That’s why Westgate Watch has endorsed Tasha Corson for Blockwatch Coordinator, but also encourages all of our members to vote for the candidate of their choice. Turnout determines the outcome of elections, and the more folks there are who vote, the better it is for either candidate to move forward knowing they have the support of their neighbors.

      Voting has already started at the Bean Dinner. The CPD tent is located east of the shelterhouse. Please bring a photo ID with your current address, or your ID and a recent utility bill to prove residency. Ballots must be cast by 2PM, so don’t wait. If you are still buying or selling at the yard sale, take a quick break to vote, even if you have to rotate out with family or neighbors to watch you stuff. The decision made today will affect the future of Westgate Watch as well.

      Thank you for all you do to help prevent crime and keep our neighborhood safe.

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