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      AvatarCassy Wadsworth

      Did some early morning patrolling. Three cars were parked at the open air shelter house (a little after 0400). One car had driver and front passenger doors open and someone was bent over on the passenger side doing i don’t know what. (Silver 4D sedan, drivers side rear door bashed from an accident). Another silver car and a lime green compact car were also parked.

      Two cruisers responded within minutes. A gentleman who walks early in the AM with a yellow safety vest was out and spoke with one of the officers on Wicklow about his observations. I creepered around and did see the cruisers w spotlights on the cars and checking things out on foot w flashlights. Don’t know what they found bc all three cars were there when they left, and they were only there several minutes. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Still, I was pleased with the response time and that they did check these cars out. Every little thing helps.

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      Oh Crap you beat me to it!

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