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      Starting a thread on this forum to ask neighbors to BOLO for young boys going to door to door asking for donations to a non-existent football team. They are polite and normally are carrying a folder. A white very thin female has been seen dropping them off and collecting them. Many have reported a burgundy or maroon Volvo SUV that seems to drop off and collect them later. Some reported a gray or white SUV circling in Wiltshire. Today I was able to get the plate number off a gray Chevy sedan (dealer plate # 002-A1XX) – image below if anyone can ID the model.

      There have been reports of the same group going door to door in Wiltshire Heights, Brookshire, Westgate, and last night, Bexley.

      From Officer Newsome on August 23rd; “They were supposed to be with a relative and were out knocking on doors unsupervised. The incident number is 190704361. When they found the boys, they took them back to the relative’s house and dad was contacted.”

      At 4:20 I saw 2 black children, dressed in all black carrying green folders knocking on doors in the 100 block of Binns – once the boys realized they were spotted the “adult” came to collect them. Another child got into the car with a very thin white female before she sped off I was able to finally get a plate number and image of the car. CPD was called and I have followed up with Officer Newsome to ask if Children Services can be asked to follow up with the father as it is clear these children are being exploited.

      If spotted please call 614-645-4545, with location and description of the children, any vehicles spotted and reference incident number is 190704361.

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