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      Hey Neighbs. So we just wanted to post for awareness, it’s already been handled.

      Ray woke up around 2:30 this am to voices out front, and found cops in our yard. Someone had called them due to suspicious activity to his work van. Someone had stolen a blue Ford van from somewhere else, and traded plates with Rays blue Ford work van. Whomever called it in, god bless you. The officer informed Ray that if it had not been found, he most likely would have been pulled over and asked to exit the “stolen” vehicle at gun point.

      I know this has happened previously in the neighborhood, so I just wanted to make people aware. I myself would never notice if my plates had been changed out, so maybe memorize your plates and keep an eye out in the morning.

      As far as we know, they are still looking out for the stolen blue van with Ray’s plates on them. He currently has no plates on his van as he has to work today, so if you see one cruising around, it’s not him and maybe you can call it in.

      What a bummer

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