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      Just returned home about a half hour ago. Pulled into the alley behind our house, between Westgate & Brinker, entering the alley from Palmetto, and as I pulled in I saw a group of 4 teenagers sitting on bikes.
      They were definitely just sitting there, but a second after they saw me they RUSHED off… So instead of pulling into our driveway, I decided to follow them. They were definitely trying to get away fast..I could barely keep up with them. They went down the alley, exited onto Westgate, continued past Wicklow, and at that point I lost them.. Looked like they either went towards Sullivant or dipped into the rec center parking lot.
      So I went around the large block to return home again, which took a few minutes, and as I was turning down our alley, there they were again!! They had returned already to the same area of the alley. This time they all scattered around the Palmetto entrance of the alley, so not sure where they went.

      Who knows, maybe they were just leisurely riding bikes at 11pm. 🤨 Looked more suspicious to me though. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up.

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