Two men throwing garbage from recycling cans on the ground. Do not confront!

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      Cross posting:  They cussed one neighbor out already who asked them to please stop throwing trash on the ground.  Please do not confront.


      Middle-aged white male with black beanie and jacket going through recycling bins in the first block alley between Brinker and Algonquin.

      I stood there and called non emergency while he cussed me out, they’re sending a cop out.

      But dispatch said once trash is out it’s no longer private property? I was like yeah but litter and then he agreed to send someone.

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      Post 2:

      Two guys walking down Brinker. Digging through recycling. Left a huge mess of ours. All over the street. Police non emergency line called. Back packs on both. Hoodies.

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      My suggestion is to do what you would do with any other crime in progress. Whip out the phone, record them, continue to call CPD and when everyone has had enough of being told their cans are not private property, submit a petition, complete with video links to the city, DEMANDING increased litter enforcement in the community. There is a fine of up to $500 for littering. Ask yourself WHEN have you EVER heard of anyone being charged and paying that fine? They have no problem sending code enforcement out here for YOUR money, let them take some cash from the bad guys.

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