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      Cross posted & text alert


      I’m not on the actual Westgate Watch page but want to share something that just happened (not sure if it should also be posted on discussion page). My boyfriend works from home. He looked out his office window around 5:15 and saw someone lingering in alley (Sylvan/Powhatan, 200 block): Blake male, 6’2”, dark jacket and sweatpants, black backpack. He looked to be just walking, but then my boyfriend, Brian, noticed a couple minutes later that the man had entered our next door neighbors yard. She is an elderly single woman. My boyfriend went outside to confront him. The gentleman got in his face and asked if he was trying to fight – when Brian asked what he was doing, he said he was selling weed (definitely not true). The altercation ended and Brian called non-emergency and reported.
      Within 10 minutes, Brian looks out our front window to see the SAME man at our neighbors directly across the street on Sylvan. He is walking out of their garage with their lawnmower. Brian walks up to confront again and the man takes off (thankfully mower was recovered).
      We did not see cops respond, but I am posting because this man clearly is not intimidated, and tried to hit a house right within our vicinity. He proceeded to walk up Sylvan. This all just ended in the last 15 minutes.

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