Urgent. Man climbing on roofs to gain access ran off 2 times.

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      Cross posted.  Please BOLO and call 911.


      There have at least 3 incidents this afternoon.
      1.  Binns and Olive: homeowner saw white male on attached  garage roof, who then jumped onto an awning and then to ground.  Suspect ran south on alley between S. Huron and Binns. Description: white, male, 20’s, slim, med length dark hair, dark blue T-shirt, possibly  jeans – long, no obvious tats from a distance, nothing unusual about shoes, possibly a dark belt. 911 was called; CPD had not arrived as of this email.
      2.  Above noted suspect was seen ~ 30 minutes later on S. Huron near Olive. When he heard neighbors yelling to me, “that’s him”, he ran through a yard toward the alley between S. Huron and Binns.  Another neighbor tried to locate him by car but was unsuccessful.  Again, 911 was called; no response as of now.
      3. Residents of a home on Binns between Olive and Palmetto saw a white female, long dark hair leaving a neighbor’s backyard with a purple bike.  This female did not live at the house.  Not sure if CPD called. I’ll go to house to tell residents to do so now.

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