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      Hi neighbors!

      I’m the “secretary” of sorts with OBW and work Primarily on organizational stuff like maintaining the website & database.

      We have an opening for a zone captain in #8 and I’m hoping someone will step up to the job!

      It’s pretty simple really, we’re fairly well organized now & working on getting the status of every house in the neighborhood – be it not interested in Blockwatch to everything in between that and wanting to be a captain!

      Zone 8 has roughly 20 members now and it is growing daily. The job would be to act as the official contact with neighbors in your zone & help reach the houses that aren’t online. You’re allowed to recruit help, have fun with it be creative etc.

      The biggest part of it is you don’t have to live in a zone to be the captain.

      Please email if interested and PLEASE BE INTERESTED!!! It takes a village!

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      Got it covered!

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