Looking for Captains

We're looking for Zone Captains!


Would you like to be a zone captain with Official Westgate Blockwatch?  Are you a captain under the previous blockwatch and we’ve not reached you?  (note, we were not given a list and are starting from scratch)

Qualifications For This Position.

1.  You’re an ambassador for Official Westgate Blockwatch.

2.  You’re accountable.

3.  You’re the contact & liaison between Blockwatch leadership, coordinator and community in your assigned zone.

4.  You coordinate flyer & info delivery to your assigned zone.

5.  You attend quarterly meetings.

About this position.

1.  Captains will be responsible for zones rather than blocks, including multiple streets – not necessarily youre own street or block.

2.  Captains are allowed to recruit as much help as possible in order to accomplish flyer distribution & communication.

3.  Captains receive official zone@westgateblockwatch.org email addresses to assist in the position.